Time for a lightweight, fast game of D&D-style fun without D&D-clone rules.

At the moment, I’m planning on using The Iron Kingdoms setting from Privateer Press: read more at Wikipedia and Privateer Press itself . It’s a very rich setting, and I have the 3.5 Player’s Guide and some supplements as well as a Warmachine setting update. It’s got a twist on the Tolkien/D&D-standard history and cultures and a love of science-magic with steampunk trappings.

For the rules, I’ve decided to hack the superlight Dungeonslayers system, a CC-licensed open system that is only a handful of pages long. Mostly I want to adjust the three basic ability-score trees a little and add skill feats to the combat ones listed. Dungeonslayers is a para-clone of classic D&D: it doesn’t have the same rules but it emulates the combatty feel of the old system. I like this, but I also want people to be able to choose non-physical conflicts and talents as well as including the unique flavour of the IK setting.

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