A Quick Overview of Caen

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The southward-facing peninsular continent of Immoren is the focus of Iron Kingdoms stories. Bounded in the North by frozen snows and the other three directions by water, it comprises a large number of ecozones: hot grassy plains, cold highlands, drowning bogs and pleasant agricultural zones. Humanity dominates, most of whom are part of the alliance that makes up “the Iron Kingdoms” proper. Formed after a grand rebellion against a long-term occupation by mysterious humans from over the Western ocean known as the Orgoth, the Kingdoms are ethnically diverse. Nonetheless, they are mostly united in the use of Cygnaran as a common language of the realms while maintaining their own tongues at home. Regrettably, xenophobia is not uncommon and often religiously-motivated.

Rhul is the dwarven kingdom, existing from the very beginnings of recorded history under the leadership of their 13 thanes. Rhulish folk are common in much of urban Immoren and many humans speak Rhulic as their first language. They also maintain long and friendly relations with the tribal ogrun peoples who have lived within their borders since the most ancient of times.

The wee green gobbers increasingly make urban areas their homes. These primarily vegetarian goblins have found niches in many Rhulic and human communities. Their close kin, the bogrin, are more likely to live in wilder regions and are slightly larger and mostly eat meat.

The hardy trollkin – which includes a large class of creatures of trollish origin, from the great warbeasts like the house-sized Dire Troll to the clans of gobber-sized pygmy trolls – are fascinating creatures. Proud, organised and mobile, trollkin cut their own niches into the world using both technology and brute force. When faced with pygmy snipers, troll cannon-bearers, howling fell callers and albino shamans directing Dires rampaging like gods, even the mighty nations tremble.

Elves are a tricky bunch. In ancient times, they and their gods suffered a cataclysm of their own making; the result is that a frenzied state of martyrdom and a desire for vengeance dominates both wildly xenophobic nations of Ios and Nyss. Recently, the apparent discovery of the frozen god Nyssor by human scholars – the comatose Scyrah, the only other apparent divine survivor, slumbers in her tomb-home in Ios – has lead to the Iosan Restoration of Scyrah seizing power in Ios and subsequently invading human realms in a terrible sneak attack in an attempt to recover the divine.

Last of all to be mentioned are the followers of the Dragonfather. Unlike in other worlds, Dragons are godlike beings. Only two are known to exist, and the lesser, Everblight, is merely a scion of Toruk. From the south to the far north, necromancers and hapless followers infected with horrid dragonblight lead waves of undead soldiers under the leadership of the greatest liches of the land.

A Quick Overview of Caen

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